VENTURA : Community Queried on Skateboard Park

The city of Ventura will hold a community meeting Saturday morning to solicit public input about the feasibility, location and construction of a skateboarding park.

The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the community meeting room of City Hall.

"Saturday is just a general community meeting to bring anybody in who is interested in it," city Parks Manager Bill Byerts said. "This is really the second step in our whole process since we got an architect on board."

City officials hired an architect about a month ago to launch a $10,000 feasibility study for a skateboarding park. The architect will use input from Saturday's meeting to put together a report on the need for such a facility and to make recommendations on a site, Byerts said.

A proposal is expected to reach the City Council by late November.

The push for a skateboarding park came several months ago when dozens of local youths complained to council members that police routinely run them off from a plaza at Santa Clara and California streets in downtown Ventura.

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