PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : AFC : Bills' Levy Listed in Good Condition

Associated Press

Buffalo Bill Coach Marv Levy was listed in good condition at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo after surgery Tuesday to remove his prostate.

"The surgery was highly successful and Coach Levy is resting comfortably at this time," said Dr. Robert Huben, Levy's physician.

Levy, 70, learned he had cancer this summer during a routine physical before training camp but kept the news from his team until Monday.

Doctors have told Levy, in his ninth year with Buffalo, that the disease was discovered at an early stage. There is a 60% to 80% chance the surgery will result in a complete cure if the tumor was confined to the prostate, Huben said.

Assistant head coach Elijah Pitts has stepped in for Levy until he recovers.


Oakland Raider quarterback Jeff Hostetler, who spent Monday night at a hospital outside Denver because of a bruised larynx, is much better, Coach Mike White said.

"The swelling went down, he's listed as probable for this game, which is good news," White said, referring to the Raiders' game Sunday in Oakland against Indianapolis.

Three other Raiders--cornerbacks Albert Lewis (thigh) and James Trapp (left knee) and offensive tackle Greg Skrepenak (right knee)--underwent MRI tests to determine the severity of injuries they suffered in the 27-0 loss to the Broncos. The results will not be known until today.

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