PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : AFC : More Raiders Have Injuries

Associated Press

The Oakland Raiders expect to be without starting cornerback Albert Lewis (bruised thigh), backup defensive back James Trapp (sprained knee) and starting offensive tackle Greg Skrepenak (sprained knee) when they face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

It had already been reported that quarterback Jeff Hostetler will sit out the game because of a throat injury and be replaced by Vince Evans.


The Cincinnati Bengals realized just how important their 27-9 victory in Pittsburgh Thursday night was.

"This is the biggest win we've had around here in three or four years," linebacker James Francis said. "It feels great. What a lift."

Said offensive tackle Joe Walter: "This was huge. We haven't had a win like this on the road in a long time."

For 3 1/2 years, Dave Shula's Bengals had been chasing that elusive turning-point victory, and this may have been it.

"We needed the one win like last night, to beat a good team in must conditions almost, and we were able to do it," Shula said.

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