LOCAL VOICE: Moorpark realtor Debbie Rodgers Teasley...

LOCAL VOICE: Moorpark realtor Debbie Rodgers Teasley is in Washington, D.C., one of several hundred Republican women nationwide invited to offer their opinions on such subjects as the economy, families and taxation. . . . Teasley, who also serves on the county's Economic Vitality Council and is president of the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce, hopes to push for improvement of economic conditions. . . . The conference, which will end with presentations to congressional leaders, is designed to "open a dialogue with women at the grass-roots level," Teasley said.

PARTY ON: California Secretary of State Bill Jones reports that 13 groups are trying to qualify for the 1996 ballot--joining the Democrats, Republicans, et al. One of the wanna-bes is the Rock and Roll Party, founded by Christopher McGrath of Simi Valley. . . . McGrath has never held public office, but he did gain some notoriety in 1992 when he was arrested for staging a series of sit-ins at the Simi Valley courthouse to protest the not-guilty verdicts in the Rodney G. King beating case.

CLASS ACT: Rita Moreno is about to open on the New York stage in "After-Play," but she's planning to skip final rehearsals to honor her commitment to Simi Valley. . . . Moreno will be the opening act when the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center is unveiled Nov. 3 and 4. She opens in New York on Nov. 7. . . . With the new show, Moreno could have gotten out of her Simi Valley gig, said Frederick Helsel, assistant general manager of the center, "but she felt that this was important."

DENTAL DEBATE: A new state law mandates the fluoridation of drinking water, but it won't happen overnight (B1). The state must come up with a funding plan. Then individual water agencies will have to figure out how best to treat their product. . . . Although there's some debate about whether the compound should be used, many back it. "You've got to do what's best for the majority of the people," says Oxnard dentist Jonathan Ziff.

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