Miami Says Six Rules Violated

Associated Press

The University of Miami publicly acknowledged guilt Tuesday on six of 10 NCAA charges but denied the most damning allegation -- lack of institutional control.

School officials will attend a hearing Nov. 10 before the NCAA Committee on Infractions to discuss institutional control and three other allegations. Sanctions likely will be announced by the end of December.

“There is a relief,” athletic director Paul Dee said, “in that we’re finally going to get to the end of this, we hope.”

Probation could include a ban on bowl game and TV appearances for one or more years, as well as scholarship reductions.


At a news conference, the university released a summary of the 10 NCAA charges. Three involve a Pell Grant scandal that prompted a federal investigation and led to the conviction of former university academic adviser Tony Russell, who admitted falsifying the Pell Grant applications of 91 students, including 85 athletes.

The NCAA, which began its investigation four years ago, alleges a lack of institutional control made the financial fraud possible.