Cause of Fracas Is Still Not Clear : Football: Granada Hills, Cleveland investigating postgame fight.


School officials on Tuesday were still trying to sort out the details of a brawl that erupted at the end of a football game between Granada Hills and Cleveland high schools last Friday.

Administrators from both sides met Monday without reaching agreement as to how the fight started. Video footage of the game ends immediately after the final play, sources from both schools said.

“It’s going to be difficult to find one person who was responsible,” Cleveland Coach Joe Santellano said.

Both schools have launched investigations and are expected to submit reports to the City Section by the end of the week. The section’s rules committee will meet Monday to determine whether penalties such as probation or suspension will be required, Barbara Fiege, City commissioner, said.


“I would certainly hope [the schools] give out some penalties this week, prior to games this Friday,” Fiege said. “We want to get this resolved as quickly as possible.”

Santellano said he is considering suspending one player for Cleveland’s game Friday against Chatsworth.

Granada Hills assistant principal Bob Weinberg said Highlander players found guilty of misconduct might be suspended for Friday’s game against San Fernando.

Players from both schools claim their opponents prompted the fight, which started during postgame handshakes and ended with police separating the teams and their fans.

A complaint, by Granada Hills player Evan Gunny against a Cleveland player, was filed with the Los Angeles Unified School District the day after the fight. Detective Joe Preciado of LAUSD police said it would take at least a week before any action is taken.

Terry Lindell, another Cleveland player, suffered a concussion when he was struck with a helmet, Santellano said. Lindell was at school Monday but was absent Tuesday and will miss Friday’s game, his coach said.

Gunny, a Granada Hills senior defensive back who was knocked unconscious during the fracas, was back at school Monday.

Repercussions from the fight were felt in other sports. Volleyball and frosh-soph basketball games between the schools scheduled for Monday were closed to spectators.