VILLA PARK : Mayor Urges Voting in School Board Election

Mayor Bob Patchin has made a public, televised plea urging residents to vote in the Orange Unified School District board election next week.

Speaking Tuesday at a City Council meeting carried by a local cable-TV channel, Patchin called for a big voter turnout.

“This election is important to Villa Park,” the mayor said. “That school district runs our schools. The education of Villa Park children depends on the actions of that board. . . . We will be affected when they develop innovative programs or if they revert to the old status quo.”

Patchin mentioned no candidates’ names. He also did not endorse anyone, saying his only goal was to get voters to go to the polls Tuesday.


The Orange Unified election is to fill two contested seats on the school board. Incumbent Robert H. Viviano is not on the ballot because his position was not challenged.