Burroughs 21, Burbank 0--Burroughs quarterback J.K. Scott completed nine of 15 passes for 167 yards and one touchdown in a Foothill League game that was called because of a bench-clearing brawl with 3:21 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Burroughs tight end Brian Spencer and Burbank’s Anthony Cruz were involved in the scuffle, which started after a punt return by Mike Lewis of Burbank. Both benches immediately emptied, and it took three minutes to restore order, at which point the referees called the game.

“The officials waited too long to blow the whistle,” Spencer said of the circumstances that started the fight.

Burroughs improved to 4-5-1, 1-3 in league play, while Burbank drops to 1-9, 0-4.


Burbank Coach John Hazleton suggested that an ongoing Southern Section investigation into potential recruiting violations at Burbank may have contributed to the antagonism.

“It’s the adults who caused the problems,” Hazleton said “The kids don’t know each other that well.”

Said Burroughs Coach Robert dos Remedios: “I didn’t want to finish like this.”

Linebacker Mike Barrett led Burroughs on defense, and added a 19-yard scoring run on offense in the second quarter to give Burroughs a 14-0 halftime lead.

Glenn Adriatico had three receptions for 64 yards, including a 23-yard touchdown that completed the scoring.