PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : AFC : Raiders Renege on Tickets for Sunday

Associated Press

The Oakland Raiders acknowledged they reneged on a promise to offer more than 1,000 extra tickets to season-ticket holders for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The tickets instead went to luxury box holders and employees of the city, county and Oakland Coliseum Complex, the team said.

The revelation angered many personal seat license-holders who stood in line in a cold drizzle for hours last week for extra tickets to one of this year’s hottest games, only to walk away empty-handed after 5,000 were sold in 12 minutes.



The players may move to Baltimore, but the team name Browns is forever connected to Cleveland and must be kept in trust in Ohio, the city of Cleveland said in a lawsuit. In its second lawsuit in 10 days, the city asked U.S. District Court Judge Donald C. Nugent to assign the team name to a trust that would benefit the community. No hearing date had been set. . . . A judge has scheduled a Jan. 16 trial for Cincinnati Bengal lineman Dan Wilkinson on a charge that he punched his four-months-pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. The 6-foot-4, 315-pound Wilkinson pleaded not guilty Sept. 14 to the charge of domestic violence.