Looking for Holiday’s Best and Brightest

If you and your neighbors go all-out to light up the block for the holidays, we’d like to know about it for our annual guide to Orange County’s most bedecked neighborhoods.

We are looking for everything from simple and elegant use of luminaria to full-blown extravaganzas of music, animated figures and enough lights to put Las Vegas to shame.

Although The Times Orange County guide emphasizes decorated neighborhoods, there are a few magnificent one-house holiday shows each year as well. If yours is one, let us know.

Our deadline is Dec. 9.


Please send nominations, including a brief description of the neighborhood, the main street or cross streets and, when possible, the name and phone number of a contact person to Lynn O’Dell, c/o Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition, 1375 Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626, or send e-mail to