6 Luggage Handlers Arrested; Allegedly Stole From Bags

Six luggage handlers at Los Angeles International Airport were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of tampering and stealing items from baggage.

Los Angeles police at the airport arrested the suspects, all employees of Ogden Ground Services, after a two-month investigation involving video surveillance.

Police were alerted to the problem by Odgen after a six-month investigation by the company. Ogden Ground Services, formerly known as Ogden Allied, is contracted by airlines for baggage handling services.

The company said it does thorough background checks on all employees, but this was the firm's third incident in two months involving luggage tampering. Vice President John Stiffler said two employees were fired in the last two months for opening luggage.

The suspects arrested Wednesday had been employed by the company up to two years. All six were suspended without pay pending a police investigation.

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