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* Today, 1 p.m.: Mary Renck Jalongo, who wrote “Enhancing Literacy Processes: A Developmental Approach,” will discuss college reading and study skills. Keyword: Centerstage

* Monday, 6 p.m.: The first Online Music Awards will be presented in a special conference. Keyword: Centerstage

* Tuesday, 5 p.m.: Join David and Tom Gardner, the irreverent financial gurus otherwise known as the Motley Fools, in a discussion about their new book, “The Motley Fool Investment Guide: How the Fool Beats Wall Street’s Wise Men and How You Can Too.” Keyword: Centerstage



* Today, 5 p.m.: Tiffany Cochran, daughter of famed attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr., discusses media and race relations in the aftermath of the O.J. Simpson trial. Go OJFORUM

* Thursday, 6:30 p.m.: Author Robin Cook discusses his new novel, “Contagion.” Go CONVENTION


* Thursday, 6 p.m.: Grace Corrigan, mother of teacher-astronaut Christa McAuliffe (one of seven crew members who died 10 years ago when the space shuttle Challenger exploded), makes a rare appearance. Jump: CHAT

* Tuesday, 7 p.m.: Journalist Terry Anderson, who was held hostage in Lebanon for seven years, talks about his experiences. Jump: CHAT


* The Internal Revenue Service has announced a new Web site, featuring hundreds of downloadable tax forms and daily tax news updates, at

* If you need to look up ZIP Codes or other postal information in a hurry, try the new U.S. Postal Service site at

* A vast collection of links to major banking company Web sites--including the Bank Rate Monitor service, which can quote prevailing rates on credit cards, savings accounts and CDs--is at

Sources: Times, wire and company reports