Daniel T. Streib; Novelist

Daniel T. Streib, 67, author of children's stories and action, adventure and romance novels. Born in Rockfield, Ill., Streib earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of Iowa and was a combat officer in the Korean War. Originally a reporter and photographer in Iowa, he based his first book, "Code Name: Countdown," on knowledge about spacecraft he acquired as a communications specialist for General Dynamics in San Diego. The book was made into a movie in France. Streib, who frequently wrote under his own name, also penned romance novels under the pseudonym Lee Davis Willoughby and adventure books under the names J. Faragut Jones and Jonathan Schofield. His work included three popular illustrated action books for teenagers, "Ride Along," "Million Dollar Hunt" and "Deadline"; a 10-book series about the single adventure character Michael Hawk, and a six-book series, "Counterforce." For nearly 30 years, Streib also taught fiction writing in high school and college. On Monday in San Diego of a heart attack.

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