COUNTERPUNCH LETTER : Remembering When Grammy Show Used to Be for Everyone

Hooray for Jack Jones for echoing the sentiments of artists such as myself, and I'm sure, countless others ("Grammy Voting Changes Are Just a Form of Ageism," Calendar, March 11).

I was never fortunate enough to win a Grammy, but I have been nominated three times in the jazz category, and sat on the board of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences various times, starting in 1978 through the 1980s.

I remember being sadly disappointed when the organization decided to abandon the separate vocal categories of best jazz female, best jazz male and best vocal or duo, and just have one to include all of the above. The Grammy show was the only show left that honored all music. There are countless other award shows during the year that honor rock, country and R&B; artists only. The Grammy show used to be for everybody!

Maybe it's time for someone like Wynton Marsalis, who is highly respected in both the jazz and classical fields (not to mention his outstanding talents in the teaching of young people), to organize an awards night for the best jazz and classical artists.

Wonderful PBS, are you listening?



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