Today's Schedule of Events

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BASEBALL: At Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium--Cuba vs. Netherlands; Japan vs. Australia.

BASKETBALL: WOMEN--At Morehouse--China vs. Japan; Canada vs. Italy; Ukraine vs. United States; Australia vs. Zaire. At Georgia Dome--Russia vs. Brazil; Cuba vs. South Korea.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: At Clayton County International Park--Men's and women's prelims.

BOXING: At Alexander Memorial Coliseum--First and second rounds.

EQUESTRIAN: At Georgia International Horse Park--Open three-day individual dressage, first and second round; open three-day endurance.

FENCING: At Georgia World Congress Center--Men's team epee, first and second rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and medal round.

FIELD HOCKEY: MEN--At Clark--Netherlands vs. Britain; Malaysia vs. South Africa; Australia vs. South Korea. WOMEN--At Morris Brown--Australia vs. Germany; Spain vs. Argentina; Netherlands vs. South Korea; United States vs. Britain.

GYMNASTICS: At Georgia Dome--Women's team, optional, finals.

JUDO: At Georgia World Congress Center--Men's and women's half middleweight, prelims and finals.

ROWING: At Lake Lanier--Men's single sculls, double sculls, pairs without coxswain and fours without coxswain, repechage; women's single sculls, doubles sculls and pairs without coxswain, repechage.

SHOOTING: At Wolf Creek Shooting Complex--Men's 50-meter free pistol, prelims and finals; women's double trap prelims and finals.

SOCCER: MEN--South Korea vs. Mexico at Birmingham, Ala.; Brazil vs. Hungary at Miami; Japan vs. Nigeria at Orlando, Fla; Ghana vs. Italy at Washington. WOMEN--Brazil vs. Japan at Birmingham, Ala.; Denmark vs. China at Miami; Sweden vs. United States, at Orlando, Fla.; Norway vs. Germany at Washington.

SOFTBALL: At Golden Park--China vs. Canada; Taiwan vs. Netherlands; Japan vs. United States; Australia vs. Puerto Rico.

SWIMMING: At Georgia Tech Aquatic Center--Men's 400 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 400 freestyle relay, prelims and finals; women's 200 breaststroke and 100 butterfly, prelims and finals.

TABLE TENNIS: At Georgia World Congress Center--Men's and women's doubles, prelims.

TENNIS: At Stone Mountain Park--Men's and women's singles, first and second round.

VOLLEYBALL: MEN--Russia vs. Netherlands, Brazil vs. Bulgaria, Yugoslavia vs. South Korea and Cuba vs. Poland at Omni Coliseum; Argentina vs. United States and Italy vs. Tunisia at U. of Georgia.

WATER POLO: At Georgia Tech Aquatic Center--Yugoslavia vs. Germany; Netherlands vs. Russia; Italy vs. Greece; Spain vs. Hungary; Ukraine vs. Croatia; United States vs. Romania.

WEIGHTLIFTING: At Georgia World Congress Center--154 pounds, group B and group A finals.

WRESTLING: GRECO-ROMAN--At Georgia World Congress Center--115, 137, 163, 198 and 287-pound divisions, classification and medal matches.

YACHTING: At Savanna--Men's Fin and Mistral; women's Europe and Mistral; open Star, Soling and Tornado, all third and fourth races.

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