Touchdown Passes

Forty years ago this week, Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas began a streak that many believe will never be broken--47 consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass. The streak stretched from Dec. 9, 1956, to Dec. 4, 1960.

The longest streaks of all time:

Quarterback, Team: Johnny Unitas, Colts

Date: Games: Dec. 9, 1956-Dec. 4, 1960: 47

Quarterback, Team: Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins

Date: Games: Nov. 10, 1985-Nov. 22, 1987: 30

Quarterback, Team: Dave Krieg, Seattle Seahawks

Date: Games: Dec. 11, 1983-Nov. 10, 1985: 28


To put it in perspective, the following are the longest current streaks:

Quarterback, Team and Games

John Elway, Denver Broncos, 9

Frank Reich, New York Jets, 9

Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers, 6

Brad Johnson, Minnesota Vikings, 5

Gus Frerotte, Washington Redskins, 5

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