Elite company: It’s easy to figure out...

Elite company: It’s easy to figure out why Newbury Park junior guard Daniel Bobik is one of the most improved basketball players in the Marmonte League. Just look at who he played with last summer.

After moving from Utah shortly before his

sophomore season, Bobik joined the Branch West Basketball Academy. He played on a traveling team that included Long Beach Poly guard Mike McDonald, who has signed with Stanford, Westchester’s Billy Knight, who committed to UCLA, and four other players who have either committed or signed with Division I schools.

“It’s a whole different level playing with those guys than playing in the Marmonte League,” Bobik said. “After playing with them for a summer, I feel I can do a lot more.”


He has. Bobik averages 20.2 points, second-best in the league, and an improvement from his 10.4 average as a sophomore.

Read about it: Befitting its consistent success, the Buena High girls’ soccer team’s 30-page game program features yearly records and awards.

It also includes varsity and junior varsity biographies, which reveal:

Barbara Almaraz’s favorite food is potato cheese soup, while Shannon Prentice is partial to mashed potatoes. Sadly, Prentice is allowed to eat them only on Thanksgiving.


Melanie Montoya likes to dance with cows and Amber Carr has a trove of pig collectibles.

Kimi Stetler aspires to become an American Gladiator named Bonecrusher.

Collectively, the Bulldogs are 19-2-4.