Brookhurst St. Ramps to Close Temporarily

Due to construction, onramps and offramps on the Riverside Freeway at Brookhurst Street will close beginning tonight and won’t reopen until early January.

The onramp from Brookhurst to the westbound Riverside Freeway and the off-ramp from the eastbound Riverside Freeway to Brookhurst will close temporarily to allow construction crews to reconstruct the ramps, Caltrans officials said.

As part of the freeway widening project for the Riverside and the Santa Ana freeways, the ramps are being reconfigured.

The suggested alternate route for motorists on Brookhurst is west on Orangethorpe Avenue and left on Magnolia Avenue to the westbound Riverside Freeway onramp.

For eastbound travelers on the Riverside Freeway, exit at Euclid Street, turn left, then left again on Orangethorpe Avenue to Brookhurst.


Up-to-date information on freeway construction: (714) 724-2077.