Smart Aleck

The question Dec. 14: Latrell Sprewell apologized last week to his former coach for choking him during practice. What other public figures should be apologizing these days?

The only people who should be apologizing should be the media for overdoing an act that’s not tolerable, but shouldn’t receive so much attention.

Manan Shah, Montebello

All of professional sports should apologize for their greed, arrogance and complete lack of concern for the fans. If the fans were not footing the bill for these self-important !@#$%^&, most of them would be asking, “Would you like fries with that?”

Dennis R. Shirley, Sherman Oaks

Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich should apologize for trying to give $50 billion in tax breaks to cigarette companies and getting caught.

Wilson Buckner, San Juan Capistrano

O.J.--who else?

V. Auerbach, North Hills

Well, since the question is prompted by a basketball personality: I think the Clippers’ Bill Fitch and Donald Sterling should apologize for their hard-core addiction to mediocrity and chronic inability to keep star players.


Regis Philbin should apologize for Kathie Lee Gifford, because, hey, someone should.

And everyone who pointlessly rambles on about Los Angeles’ shortcomings should bow penitently, apologize wholeheartedly, and leave . . . now.

James Maverick

While on the 76ers, Charles Barkley said of one loss, “Makes you wanna go home and beat your wife.” When asked to apologize, he refused. Now he wants to boycott on Sprewell’s behalf. Bad form, Sir Charles. Bad form.

Roxane L., Studio City

Congress should apologize to the people of the USA for conducting a vendetta against the presidency instead of governing the country on more important matters.

Jim Williams, Canton, Ill.

If Mr. Clinton is ordered to apologize to Paula Jones, wouldn’t it be only appropriate for him to apologize also to Mrs. Clinton and Gennifer Flowers?

Yury Gurvich, Manhattan Beach