O.C. Red Cross Seeks Cash for Relief Effort

The Orange County branch of the American Red Cross is receiving numerous telephone calls from people eager to help victims of deadly Hurricane Pauline in Mexico.

"We're getting 10 to 15 calls an hour," said spokesman Judy Iannaccone.

She said people were offering everything from water and food to clothing, but that the most useful gift is money. She said 100% of all checks sent to the Red Cross marked as designated for "Mexican Hurricane Relief" would be used to help the Red Cross in that country with its rescue efforts for people left homeless or injured by the hurricane and resulting floods and mudslides.

"What we're looking for right now is the money," said Iannaccone.

Checks should be sent to the American Red Cross, Orange County Chapter, P.O. Box 11364, Santa Ana, CA 97211. Information: 835-5381.

To send donations via the Salvation Army, call (800) 725-9005.

The Red Cross will not be taking calls from people seeking assistance in locating relatives until Sunday. A disaster aid hotline will be established then.

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