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Surf Bored?

Tired of the same old waves? Looking for a few fresh nuggets? Check out Calendar Live’s SoCal Surf Guide, the ultimate source for surfing in Ventura, L.A. and Orange counties. The new Web site has uncovered the secret surfing spots, with advice on where to find the most challenging waves throughout Southern California.

And for all those city slickers with beach boy dreams, Calendar Live! will help get your feet wet with some key advice from champion surfer Chris Malloy and a must-read surfing glossary.

Chef’s Choice


Looking for a great place to eat? Ever wonder where the top chefs like to go when they’re not working in their own fine restaurants? Calendar Live! questioned a few of L.A.'s top chefs to see where they go when they’re off the clock and on the town.

Silver Screening

Sick of shelling out $7 for a mediocre flick? Become an educated moviegoer and check out Calendar Live’s movie updates.

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