Manning Says Mistakes Hurt


Statistically speaking, it wasn’t the worst performance from Peyton Manning. After all, the Tennessee quarterback had been in the hospital last month because of an infected right knee and was considered questionable for the Orange Bowl a week ago.

Against Nebraska, he completed 21 of 31 passes for 134 yards, with one interception and one touchdown.

“They didn’t do anything in particular we haven’t seen on film before,” Manning said. “There’s no question that they’re a good defense. I thought we made some mistakes, as an offense, that kind of put ourselves in tough positions, penalties at the start of the game. Any time you turn the ball over, it’s tough to beat a team like Nebraska.”


Said Nebraska middle linebacker Jay Foreman: “They have a lot of pro-type athletes on their offense. We tried to get in his face. We tried to sack him or at least get in his face and disrupt his throwing motion. When teams get in his face, they do a good job on him defensively.”


Terry Pledger left the Orange Bowl the biggest winner, winning $1 million before the game by tossing a football through a 30-inch circular target from 10 yards out.

“I knew it [was in] the minute it left my hand,” said Pledger, who had guidance former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar.

His wife wasn’t so sure.

“I was more nervous than he was,” said Jeannie Pledger, who entered Terry in the contest after she picked up a form at Kroger’s grocery store. “I saw it go through, but it really didn’t register until the crowd cheered. Then I started acting like a maniac.”

So, when do they get the money?

“Hopefully, first thing in the morning, I’m down to my last $20,” Jeannie said, laughing.


Injury report: Nebraska middle linebacker Carlos Polk suffered a dislocated right shoulder in the first half. . . . Tennessee tight end Anton Peebles suffered a sprained right ankle in the first half, hobbled off the field and did not return.