30th Birthday Celebration About to Lift Off


City workers spent Friday erecting bleachers, tents and making streamers to prepare for Carson’s 30th birthday celebration beginning today with the launch of the Goodyear blimp, which has made Carson its home for 30 years.

Launching the blimp will be the first of more than 30 events that a 30-member committee has planned for the anniversary year.

Residents and city officials teamed up to create a wide range of events to appeal to the almost 90,000 residents who live in this diverse community, which is 27% Latino, 25% African American, 24% Asian Pacific Islander and 22% white.


“We are thrilled to see so many people coming together to make this a special year for Carson,” said Mayor Pete Fajardo.

“It is that hometown spirit that made our first three decades something to celebrate.

“We hope that everyone in the community will participate in at least one of these activities during the year.”