Changes Requested in Ballot Wording

The city clerk has requested changes to arguments for and against a proposed growth-control measure on the November ballot because she believes some references to a similar initiative removed from the ballot are inappropriate.

In a July 22 memo, Moorpark City Clerk Debbie Traffenstedt asked City Atty. Cheryl Kaneto remove all references to the Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources initiative, or Measure E, which has been stricken from the ballot.

The SOAR measure was kicked off the November ballot after a judge ruled that petition signatures gathered for the ballot initiative were invalid. The measure would have limited the city’s ability to expand beyond its designated borders without a vote by residents.

“Since Measure E is not on the ballot, I am requesting amendments or deletions, phrase by phrase where the identified words are used in order to avoid confusing the voters,” Traffenstedt said.


In addition, Traffenstedt asked for revisions to other sections of the arguments against the city’s growth-control measure, known as Measure F. One sentence that she asked be revised is the following:

“The politician’s alternative to the people’s SOAR is pushed by pro-growth council members, some with potential conflicts of interest, and is backed by out-of-town real estate speculators.”

Traffenstedt has requested that Kane ask those who submitted the argument referring to the SOAR measure to voluntarily make the changes. If that fails, Traffenstedt has authorized the attorney to seek an injunction to prevent the measure from appearing on the ballot with its current wording.

Measure F differs from Measure E in that it would allow an exemption from the growth-control measure for the 3,200-home Hidden Creek Ranch project, planned north of Moorpark.


Meanwhile, SOAR organizers are still gathering signatures in an effort to force a special election on Measure E.