DiCaprio Overlooked by Oscar--but Not by MTV

Leonardo DiCaprio was overlooked by his peers in nominations for the Academy Award this year, but his fans didn't let him down: His role in the biggest box-office hit of all time won him best-male-performance honors at the 1998 MTV Movie Awards.

And "Titanic," the movie in which he starred, was named best movie of the year--duplicating its win at the Oscars.

But "Titanic" didn't even come close to sweeping these awards, which were handed out in Santa Monica on Saturday night in a ceremony that will be televised Thursday on MTV. Kate Winslet was passed over for best female performance in favor of Neve Campbell of "Scream 2." And while DiCaprio and Winslet were nominated for best on-screen duo, the award went to John Travolta and Nicolas Cage of "Face/Off."

Other winners, as voted by MTV viewers:

* Comedic performance: Jim Carrey, "Liar, Liar."

* Villain: Mike Myers, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery."

* Breakthrough performance: Heather Graham, "Boogie Nights."

* Song: "Men in Black," from "Men in Black."

* Kiss: Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, "The Wedding Singer."

* Action sequence: The speedboat chase in "Face/Off."

* Fight: Will Smith and the cockroach in "Men in Black."

* Dance sequence: Mike Myers & Londoners, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery."

* New filmmaker: Peter Cattaneo, "The Full Monty."

* Lifetime achievement: Clint Howard.


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