Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What time did the chicken wake up? Six o'cluck. (Christiaan Van Lepp, 9, La Can~ada Flintridge, Paradise Canyon Elementary)

* Why did the shy elephant paint her nails all different colors? So she could hide in an M&Ms; package. (Ilana Ruth Bevan, 6, Oxnard, Brooktree Academy)

* What did Mr. and Mrs. Fly name their son? Gnat. (Christian McLaren, 7, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead Elementary)

* Why did the baby put pennies in his diaper? He needed to be changed. (Ryan Spitzer, 7, Newport Beach, Harbor Day Elementary)

* What do you get if you mix a horse, a shoe and a crab? A horseshoe crab. (Daniel Berk, 8, Calabasas, Chaparral Elementary)

* What runs but doesn't have legs? Water. (Omar Palma, 9, El Monte, Le Gore School)

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