Council to Decide Fate of Embattled City Manager

In the latest episode of a civic soap opera, the Pasadena City Council will meet behind closed doors Monday to decide the fate of embattled City Manager Phil Hawkey.

Hawkey, who was dismissed and then reinstated by the City Council in December, has offered to leave his post if the city will compensate him, according to city officials familiar with the matter.

Hawkey's attorney presented the proposal in a letter to the City Council. It was unclear Thursday how much money he is seeking.

After the council voted to remove Hawkey, the city manager accused the city of discrimination and said the city would have to pay him $1.5 million to avoid a lawsuit.

The council then reversed its decision, agreeing to allow Hawkey to serve out his contract, which runs through October 1999.

The council in recent weeks has been discussing a possible amicable departure for Hawkey.

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