Rethinking Stop Signs on Riverside Drive

Some Riverside Drive residents want the City Council to reverse a decision it made to erect stop signs on their sloping street, known for its Grand Prix reputation.

Since police reported that a 19-year-old man died on the curving street after losing control of his car and smashing into a tree while drag racing six months ago, motorists have been slowing down.

"We have seen a drastic decrease of speeders on our street and, therefore, we feel stop signs would be undesirable," said Sandy Riddle, a Riverside homeowner. "Many would prefer to have the street just the way it is."

She said residents are signing a petition stating their opposition to the stop signs, which are supposed to be installed on the street at Riedel and Ferndale avenues.

Previously, other residents had asked the city to turn the street into a cul-de-sac to deter drag racers and other fast drivers.

Last month, the City Council voted for the stop signs instead.

Council members now say they will reconsider their decision at a meeting next month.

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