Condo Project Near City Hall Approved

For six years, a 7.5-acre lot just east of City Hall has been occupied by abandoned buildings, but this week they moved one step closer to being replaced by palm trees and 85 detached condominiums.

Western Pacific Housing has taken another step toward building a gated community at 7750-7770 Katella Ave. Mark Lloyd, development services director for the city, said he expects the City Council to give final aproval, a vote to rezone the area, at a March 24 meeting.

City Manager Terry Matz said the project will fill the void left by Midwood Community Hospital in 1992. "The project will create attractive housing and have a positive aesthetic impact on the area," he said.

The City Council, which had intended the lot to be used in a commercial development, upheld the city Planning Commission's recommendation to enforce $200,000 in park fees on the housing project, as well as require Western Pacific to build left-turn medians at Oak and Cedar streets and at Oak Street and Katella Avenue.

Construction is tentatively set to begin in June.

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