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Bryce Drew's three-point shot that beat Mississippi, 70-69, at the buzzer has caused a problem for his father, Valparaiso Coach Homer Drew.

"I'll have to find a new play for the end of the game," Homer said. "It's been shown on TV so many times everyone has seen it."

Florida State is today's Midwest Regional opponent for the Crusaders and the Seminoles can't quit talking about what is becoming known as "the shot."

"We were in the locker room when we heard the crowd go crazy," LaMarr Greer said. "I saw it on TV today. It was a great shot by a big-time player."

Florida State Coach Steve Robinson said he has seen the shot several times.

"We'll see that shot a lot as the years turn," Robinson said. "It's one of those shots you'll always see when they show clips of the great shots of the NCAA tournament.

"What made the shot so special was that Bryce went over and hugged his dad. I have two boys. I'd like that to happen to me someday."

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