Smart Aleck

The question March 8: Mayor Richard Riordan has been jetting around Asia, drumming up business for L.A. What other local figures do you think should head overseas? Where? And why?

The owner of the Clippers should go overseas and pay someone a lot of money to take them out of the country.

Emmanuel Rustia, Chino Hills


Let's send Paul Reubens, a.k.a. Pee-wee Herman, to the Vatican. The Pope can teach him decency, and we can avoid seeing Reubens on TV.

Chad Miguel Ignacio, Monterey Park


I'm tired of everyone who's telling the lame Lewinsky-Clinton jokes. Send 'em overseas, preferably to the outer reaches of the Gobi desert.

P.S. Anyone using the phrase "El Nin~o" should be sent overseas--over the farthest reaches of the seven seas and dunked in it!--seven times.

Walter E. Hopmans, Santa Barbara


Los Angeles Councilman Nate Holden and Al Davis on a long love-boat cruise. Once the NFL owners get wind of this, Los Angeles will get an NFL expansion team.

Raymond Bates, Marina del Rey


Ex-local figure, ex-Dodger outfielder Brett Butler to some overseas seminary to teach him to be more Christian toward his cronies, especially those who produce and bust their butts behind the plate dealing with visiting batters.

Wayne E. Scott, Camarillo

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