REAL JEWELRY: Especially platinum, pearls an diamonds. Daddy, the bigger the better. Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Meg Ryan and Brandy like big 'ol diamond solitaires for everyday, while Helena Bonham Carter wears her mother's vintage rocks. Tea Leoni is pretty in pearls, and even Jimmy Smits is wearing a platinum hoop. THE POLO LOUNGE: Everthing old is new again, as Sharon Stone, John Travolta, Jackie Chan and Kevin Costner make like movie stars in plush booths with non-cell table phones, the gang from "ER" drops by en masse for lunch, and Young Hollywood frolics poolside for magazine shoots. While we're poolside, let's talk about shades. Toss the super-darks----sunglasses with amber-colored lenses are in full swing. Ellen DeGeneres is sporting a pair, as are Jack Nicholson, Maxine Bahns and most of the stylists, makeup artists and assorted People in Black.

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