Educational Titles

The Fisher Price Toddler was No. 1 on a list of the top 10* bestselling educational software titles in January:


Title Publisher Average price Fisher Price Toddler Davidson $26 Reader Rabbit Preschool Learning Co. 25 Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Learning Co. 25 Jumpstart Kindergarten Knowledge Adventure 10 Sesame Street Toddler Electronic Arts 26 Barbie Magic Hairstyler Mattel 32 Barbie Talk With Me Mattel 33 Jumpstart Preschool Knowledge Adventure 28 Math Blaster (Ages 9-12) Davidson 30 Tonka Construction Hasbro Interactive 20


* Based on unit sales from more than 8,500 stores and mail-order retailers.

Source: SofTrends, The NPD Group Inc.

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