Fruits and Nuts

Almonds: Sept., Oct.

Apples: July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

Apricots: May, June July

Avocados: Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct.

Carambola (star fruit): Jan., Oct., Nov.

Cherimoyas: Jan., Oct., Nov.

Cherries: April, May, June, July

Dates (Medjool): Jan., Feb., March, April, May

Feijoas (pineapple guava): Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.

Figs: May, June, July, Aug.

Grapefruit: Jan. through Nov.

Grapes: June through December

Kiwi: Oct., Nov., Dec.

Kumquats: Jan through June

Lemons: All year

Macadamia: Jan., Feb., March, April, May and Oct., Nov.

Melons: June, July, Aug., Sept.

Nectarines: April through September

Oranges (blood): Jan., Feb., March

Oranges (navel): January through June

Oranges (Valencia): May through December

Passion fruit: January through November

Peaches: May through November

Asian Pears: May through October

Pears: June, July, Aug., Sept.

Pecans: Sept., Oct.

Persimmons: Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

Plums: May through September

Pomegranates: Oct., Nov., Dec.

Raspberries: April through November

Sapote: July through November

Strawberries: January through October

Tangelos, tangerines: Jan., Feb., March, April and Oct., Nov.

Walnuts: Oct., Nov.

Vegetables and Herbs

Artichokes: Nov., Dec.

Asparagus: January through November

Basil: April through December

Beans (green): April through December

Beets: All year

Broccoli: January through August and Oct., Nov.

Brussels sprouts: Feb., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.

Cabbage: All year

Carrots: February through December

Cauliflower: January through August and Oct., Nov., Dec.

Celery: All year

Chard: January through June and Oct., Nov., Dec.

Chilis: August through December

Collards: February through December

Cucumbers: April through December

Corn: May through December

Dill: All year

Eggplant: May through December

Garlic: All year

Kale: All year

Kohlrabi: January through June

Lettuce: February through December

Mesclun salad: February through December

Mushrooms (button): All year

Mustard: All year

Okra: May through December

Olives: All year

Green onions: All year

Onions (dry): May through November

Oriental greens: All year

Peas (green): January through May

Peas (black-eyed): May through November

Peppers: June through December

Potatoes: May through December

Spinach: February through December

Squash (summer): May through December

Squash (winter): August through December

Tomatillos: August through December

Tomatoes: April through December

Turnips: February through December

Yams: Oct., Nov., Dec.

These are approximate harvest dates. Weather and other factors may affect availability. All markets do not have all produce even in season, but may carry other produce items. For more information or the location of the farmers' market nearest you, call (213) 244-9190.

Source: Southland Farmers' Market Assn.

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