Street Sweeping Will Be Cut to Monthly

Starting April 6, the community district will sweep streets once, rather than twice, a month.

Sweeping the streets less often will save the district about $13,000 a year, said Jim Alexander, president of the Rossmoor Community Services District Board of Directors. Stanton-based CR&R; Inc. was hired to do the work for $17,200 a year. Last year, the contract cost $30,000.

Curbs and gutters in front of even-numbered addresses will be cleaned the first Monday of every month. For odd addresses, sweepings are scheduled on third Mondays. Alternating days will allow residents to park on the opposite side of the street on sweeping days.

From November to February, streets will be cleaned twice a month because of falling leaves. The district will post new no-parking signs before November to reflect the changes, Alexander said.

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