Look Who’s Talking

A guest list of sports figures to be featured on TV and radio from today through Thursday:

* Tom Lasorda, Sparky Anderson

--"Up Close,” today, 3 p.m. and midnight, ESPN

* Jim Colbert, Bobby Rahal, Linda McCoy-Murray


--"The Irv Kaze Show,” tonight, 7-8, KIEV 870

* Brett Favre

--"The Last Word,” tonight, 6 and midnight, Fox Sports West

* Bob Toledo


--"UCLA Sports Magazine” tonight, 7, Fox Sports West 2

* Paul Hackett

--"USC Sports Magazine” tonight, 7:30, Fox Sports West 2

* David Wells

--"The Late Show With David Letterman,” tonight, 11:35, Ch. 2

* Steve Young

--"Goin’ Deep,” Sunday, 9 p.m., Fox Sports West

* Doug Flutie


--"Up Close,” Monday

* Don Shula

--"Fox Sports News Rewind,” Monday, 7:30 p.m., Fox Sports West

* Sheldon Kennedy

--"The Last Word,” Wednesday