Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Where does a bat eat his dinner? On home plate--and he has a ball. (Jamie Finkle, 5, Culver City, Bobbie Pre-School)

* What fruit teases you the most? A banananana! (Nicole Lockhart, 10, Inglewood, Ramona School)

* What's the difference between Indian curry and the Spice Girls? Indian curry has ginger in it! (Jessica Quinlan, 9, Tarzana, Nestle Avenue Elementary)

* What is the world's biggest pain in the neck? A giraffe with a sore throat. (Leyla Zerehi, 9, Sherman Oaks, Roscomare Road School)

* What did the calendar maker name his daughters? April, May and June. (Odeliah Bouganim, 10, Encino, Roscomare Road School)


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