Dolphins' Thomas Has Been Down This Road

The Miami Dolphins, establishing themselves as the most boring team in football, have also jumped out to 3-0 in a year when Miami will play host to Super Bowl XXXIII. "We can't get excited about being 3-0," Dolphin linebacker Zach Thomas said. "Shoot, we were 3-0 my rookie year [1996]. I thought we were going to be 16-0, but we finished 8-8."


Dan Marino, who will have the greatest stats ever compiled by a quarterback unless he continues playing for Coach Jimmy Johnson, has thrown for fewer than 200 yards in three consecutive games--only the second time in his career that has happened. Marino has 407 yards passing in three games. He has thrown for more than 407 yards in a single game 11 times.


In the "yeah, right" department this week, Colt General Manager Bill Polian lashed out at his team's defensive play against the Jets, saying, "I can promise you it will be corrected. People aren't going to pick up a paycheck to play like that."

Who are they going to hire to replace fired players? Guess Polian never heard that truism parents know so well: Never threaten without the ability to follow through.

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