White House Woes: Washington is abuzz with rumors that a rift has developed between Bill Clinton and Al Gore, but top aides deny it. "Said one, 'It's not like Gore's his wife or anything.' " (Daily Scoop)

Sit . . . Good Wine-Taster: A vintner in Napa holds wine-tasting parties for dogs. "Their favorite wines so far: Furgandy and catbernet served chilled with kibbles 'n' brie." (Bob Mills)

The Museum Was Full Up: An artist in New York covered a hotel room with cheese. "It took a crew three days and 200 boxes of Ritz crackers to clean it up." (Joe Kevany)

We Apologize in Advance: After a series fell through, ABC is putting together a Mary and Rhoda reunion movie. "A few months back, the producers said they were passing on the reunion. But I guess they're gonna make it after all." (Daily Scoop)


The Essential

David Letterman

Least popular movie memorabilia for sale on the Internet:

5. Script from unmade sequel "Dial N for Noodles."

2. Capt. Kirk's abdominal truss.

1. Ralph Macchio.

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