Sizing Up Sponsors for Women's Games

Question from July 6:

Which companies should sign up to sponsor the next women's games?

Medical groups specializing in breast enhancement. The catch phrase could be: "Your World Cup will runneth over."


Women's World Cup soccer sponsored by Wonder Bra--your world in a cup, where size doesn't matter.

--AUDLEY UPTON, Palm Desert

Birth control pills and trade schools.


With apologies to my mom and sisters: Maybe the female viewers will get nostalgic for the good old days and get off the couch and back to work.

--JIM FARRELL, Northridge

Nair: Forests are wonderful things, but, for Pete's sake, not under your arms. Merck Pharmaceuticals: When you absolutely, positively have to be married to Dennis Rodman. Viagra: For his birthday, why not get him something you'll both enjoy? Domino's Pizza: What you and our hunky delivery boys do in the privacy of your home is your own business. Sara Lee: You're depressed. We're fattening and delicious. Bon appetit!

--MARK MILLER, Los Angeles

Question for July 13:

Fitness Gaming Corp. has fused two great U.S. pastimes-- exercise and gambling--by offering a treadmill that is also a slot machine (see story, this page). What other things should be incorporated into exercise equipment?

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