Fate of Stolen Cockatoo Is Up in the Air


A suspected bird-napper has been nabbed, but the rare rose-breasted cockatoo stolen from a Fountain Valley pet supply store is still missing, police said Monday.

James Dinh Troung, 23, of Westminster was arrested for allegedly stealing Chloe, a talkative, 9-month-old pink and gray cockatoo valued at $2,000, from the Petco store in the 16000 block of Brookhurst Street about 1:30 p.m. Sunday, said Fountain Valley Police Sgt. Jim Perry.

Store employees told police that Troung tried to smuggle Chloe in a dog food container he had bought earlier, but the bird stuck its head out as he tried to leave the store. When questioned, Troung told a store clerk that Chloe was his bird and left, Perry said.

Troung, who was arrested at his home a short time later, was taken to Orange County Jail on suspicion of grand theft, as well as assault with a deadly weapon stemming from his alleged attempt to run over a store clerk. Troung was released on $50,000 bail, Perry said.


Although Petco officials are eager for the bird’s return, they are not offering a reward, said Don Cowan, a spokesman for Petco who said animals are rarely stolen from their stores.

Cowan said Chloe is easily recognized by both her bright color and her habit of saying her name repeatedly when excited.

“We’re hoping someone knows about the whereabouts of the bird,” Perry said. “It’s out there somewhere.”

Anyone with information about the missing cockatoo is asked to contact Fountain Valley police at (714) 593-4485.