Sunshine Canyon

Re “Council Approves Landfill Expansion,” Oct. 27.

Those hypocritical bureaucrats of the Los Angeles City Council, in approving the expansion of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill, have only strengthened the need for the [San Fernando] Valley to secede from the city of Los Angeles. A city with 3.5 million people dumps its trash in two locations, both in the Valley. The comments by Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg (“We create trash, and the reality is it’s going to go somewhere”) and Cindy Miscikowski (“The landfill is there”) show how simple and mindless their thought processes really are. Can you imagine the stink (pun intended) if dumps were proposed in canyons in Goldberg’s or Miscikowski’s affluent Westside districts?

If what Councilman Joel Wachs says is true--that it would cost about $12 per household per year to truck the trash to a rural site--the vote by the council is totally irresponsible. If the welfare of schoolchildren is not important, then I guess the fact that dozens of oak trees will be destroyed does not matter either. Congratulations to Hal Bernson, Wachs, Alex Padilla, Laura Chick and Mike Feuer for voting as custodians for the welfare of children, homeowners and the environment. Shame on the other council members, especially Goldberg and Miscikowski, for being mindless yes women.





Once again, Cindy Miscikowski and John Ferraro dumped on the Valley. As usual they sided with their city constituents over their Valley constituents.

It was easy to do; both have more votes on the city side than in the Valley. That is why no council district should span Mulholland Drive. If this is not done, the Valley must secede to keep from getting dumped on over and over again.