Fate of ‘Iron Giant’


Hand clapping greeted the end of the animated movie followed by murmur after murmur of “What a good picture!”

The movie was Warner Bros.’ “The Iron Giant.” Although the film was causing the audience to laugh and hold its breath and to absorb itself in the action, it was probably facing its last week of release, meaning it will be in theaters for less than a month.

Charles Solomon, in his Aug. 27 commentary “It’s Here; Why Aren’t You Watching?,” rightly pins the blame on Warner Bros. After producing one of the best-reviewed films of the year, Warners apparently turned its back on “Giant.” Its retail store nearest to me even relegated Trendmasters’ toys from “The Iron Giant” to the back of the store, forcing people who want them to search.



Santa Monica

I took my 3-year-old to see “The Iron Giant.” He adored it, and the entire audience (albeit prompted by my son and me) actually applauded at the end. I have been telling everyone that it’s the best family movie since “E.T.”

Solomon’s piece shed some light on the puzzling question of why such a gem has fallen by the wayside in a summer over-full with mindless, pointless, over-loud and overlong pap. But I guess the real mystery is how such a wonderful movie even got made in 1999, a year in which the distinction of grossing over $100 million seems reserved for movies that are gross in every way.



Everything said in the article was true. This film is a classic in its genre, and a treat for viewers of any age.

Why were there no talk-show interviews with the “stars” before the film’s opening? Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cruise were out shilling ad nauseum for “Eyes Wide Shut”! Where were Jennifer Aniston & Harry Connick Jr.? This has to be the best film project in which either one has ever been involved.

Did anyone in marketing or publicity even see the completed picture before making their dubious efforts to sell it?