Creative Arts Emmy Winners

Here is the list of the creative arts Emmy Award winners announced Aug. 28 by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. They cover programs aired between June 1, 1998, and May 31, 1999.

* Classical music-dance program: “Itzhak Perlman: Fiddling for the Future,” PBS.

* Children’s program: “The Teen Files: The Truth About Drinking,” syn.

* Nonfiction special: “Thug Life in D.C.,” HBO.


* Nonfiction series: “The American Experience,” PBS; “American Masters,” PBS.

* Animated program (one hour or less): “King of the Hill,” Fox.

* Animated program (one hour or more): “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn,” HBO.

* Commercial: “ Friend,” Gartner.


* Guest actor, comedy series: Mel Brooks, “Mad About You,” NBC.

* Guest actor, drama series: Edward Herrmann, “The Practice,” ABC.

* Guest actress, comedy series: Tracey Ullman, “Ally McBeal,” Fox.

* Guest actress, drama series: Debra Monk, “NYPD Blue,” ABC.


* Voiceover performance: Janet DuBois, “The PJs,” Fox.

* Art direction, series: Thomas A. Walsh, Kim Hix, Leslie Frankenheimer, “Buddy Faro,” CBS.

* Art direction, miniseries or movie: Hilda Stark Manos, Kathleen M. McKernin, Linda Spheeris, “The Rat Pack,” HBO.

* Art direction, variety or music program: Ray Christopher, Steve Olson, “The 71st Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.


* Casting, series: Georgianne Walken, Sheila Jaffe, “The Sopranos,” HBO.

* Casting, miniseries or movie: Juel Bestrop, “Winchell,” HBO.

* Choreography: Judith Jamison, “Dance in America: A Hymn for Alvin Ailey,” PBS; Marguerite Derricks, “Goodwill Games Opening Celebration,” TBS.

* Cinematography, series: Robert Primes, “Felicity,” WB.


* Cinematography, miniseries or movie: Robbie Greenberg, “Winchell,” HBO.

* Costuming, series: Paul Dafelmair, “JAG,” CBS.

* Costume design, series: Melina Root, “That ‘70s Show,” Fox.

* Costume design, miniseries or movie: Charles Knode, “Alice in Wonderland,” NBC.


* Costume design, variety or music program: Jeff Billings, “The Snowden Raggedy Ann and Andy Holiday Show,” CBS.

* Single-camera picture editing, series: Joanna Cappuccilli, “The Sopranos,” HBO.

* Single-camera picture editing, miniseries or movie: Keith Palmer, “Horatio Hornblower,” A&E.;

* Multi-camera picture editing, series: Janet Ashikaga, “Sports Night,” ABC.


* Multi-camera picture editing, miniseries, movie or special: Michael Polito, Randy Magalski, Barbara S. Ballow, Mark Muheim, Joe Wiedenmayer, “The Kennedy Center Honors,” CBS.

* Hairstyling, series: Audrey Futterman-Stern, “Tracey Takes On . . .,” HBO.

* Hairstyling, miniseries, movie or special: Judy Crown, “Houdini,” TNT.

* Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series: Donald A. Morgan, “Home Improvement,” ABC.


* Lighting direction (electronic), drama series, variety series, miniseries, movie or special: Robert Dickinson, Robert T. Barnhart, Andy O’Reilly, Matt Ford, “71st Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

* Main title design: Yarrow Cheney, Carrie Buell, “Dilbert,” UPN.

* Makeup, series: Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf, Laverne Basham, John Vulich, Kevin Westmore, Greg Funk, John Wheaton, Mark Shostrom, Rick Stratton, Jake Garber, Craig Reardon, Fionagh Cush, Steve LaPorte, Kevin Haney, Jane Aull, Peri Sorel, Jeanne Van Phue, Julie Socash, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Makeup, miniseries, movie or special: Anne Spiers, James Kell, Duncan Jarman, Sandra Shephard, “Alice in Wonderland,” NBC.


* Music composition, series (dramatic underscore): Carl Johnson, “Invasion America,” WB.

* Music composition, miniseries or movie (dramatic underscore): Richard Hartley, “Alice in Wonderland,” NBC.

* Music direction: Mark Adler, “The Rat Pack,” HBO.

* Music and lyrics: Marvin Hamlisch, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, “AFI’s 100 Years . . . 100 Movies,” CBS.


* Main title theme music: Martin Davich, “Trinity,” NBC.

* Sound editing, series: Walter Newman, Darren Wright, Rick Camara, Darleen Stoker-Kageyama, Bruce Honda, Thomas A. Harris, Rick Hromadka, Sharon Tylk, Casey Crabtree, James Bailey, “ER,” NBC.

* Sound editing, miniseries, movie or special: Richard Taylor, David Melhase, Benjamin Beardwood, Dennis Gray, Paul Longstaffe, Ralph H. Osborn III, Peter Drake Austin, Barbara Issak, Eric A. Norris, Brian Thomas Nist, Andrew Ellerd, Kenneth L. Johnson, Bradley C. Katona, Gary L. Krause, Joseph H. Earle, Sherrie Whitfield, Nancy Parker, Patricia Nedd, “Stephen King’s Storm of the Century,” ABC.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Edward J. Greene, John Harris, Don Worsham, Randy Ezratty, Robert La Masney, “The 41st Annual Grammy Awards,” CBS.


* Sound mixing, drama series: Marc A. Gilmartin, David Concors, Michael E. Jiron, Allen L. Stone, “ER,” NBC.

* Sound mixing, miniseries or movie: Felipe Borrero, Michael Casper, Dan Leahy, Chris Welch, “The Rat Pack,” HBO.

* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Paul Lewis, Peter R. Kelsey, Nello Torri, “Ally McBeal,” Fox.

* Special visual effects, series: Dan Curry, Ronald B. Moore, Mitch Suskin, Elizabeth Castro, Arthur J. Codron, Paul Hill, Don Greenberg, Greg Rainoff, Rob Bonchune, Mojo, John Teska, “Star Trek: Voyager,” UPN.


* Special visual effects, miniseries or movie: David Booth, Richard Conway, Bob Hollow, Andy Lomas, Alex Parkinson, Martin Parsons, Jamie Courtier, Avtar Baines, William Bartlett, Nick Bennet, Oliver Bersey, Murray Butler, George Roper, Pedro Sabrosa, Angus Wilson, Ben Cronin, “Alice in Wonderland,” NBC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, series: Michael Stramisky, Larry Heider, Kurt Tonnessen, Brian Reason, Rob Palmer, Hugo Morelli, Kevin Frasier, Bill Gardhouse II, “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” NBC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, special: Keith Winikoff, Matthew Allwork, Ted Ashton, Rocky Danielson, Barrie Dodd, Sam Drummy, David Eastwood, Tom “Scoop” Geren, Ian Hembury, Jay Kulick, Kenneth Patterson, Bill Philbin, Phil Piotrowsky, David Plakos, James Ramsay, Ron Tufnell, Dave Swann, Chuck Reilly, Matty Randazzo, “Janet: The Velvet Rope,” HBO.

* Cinematography, nonfiction programming: Samuel Henriques, Bob Perrin, “The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison,” A&E.;


* Picture editing, nonfiction programming: Mary Manhardt, Mona David, “The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison,” A&E; Geof Bartz, Robert B. Weide, “Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth,” HBO.

* Sound editing, nonfiction programming: Cory Taylor, “Avalanche: The White Death (National Geographic Specials),” NBC; Derek Luff, George Leyva, Rick Norman, “Why Dogs Smile & Chimpanzees Cry,” Discovery.

* Sound mixing, nonfiction programming: Dennis Towns, Scot B. Charles, Mark Linden, Al Decker, “Avalanche: The White Death (National Geographic Specials),” NBC; Chris Drozalowski, “Biography: The Rat Pack,” A&E.;

* Animation, individual achievement: Ashley Potter (background artist), Les Mills (color direction), Joanna Quinn (production design and animation), “Animated Epics: The Canterbury Tales: Leaving London,” HBO.


* Governors award: “Fight for Your Rights: Take a Stand Against Violence,” MTV; “Save Our History,” History Channel.