Even Olbermann’s Mom Not Safe From Knoblauch

Times Wire Services

Chuck Knoblauch not only is hurting the New York Yankees with his wild throws, he’s hurting their fans too. The suddenly scatter-armed second baseman made another wild throw Saturday, this one hitting a woman sitting behind the first-base dugout in a game against the Chicago White Sox.

New York newspaper reports Sunday identified the woman as Marie Olbermann, mother of Fox broadcaster Keith Olbermann. Olbermann initially declined help, then walked with two Emergency Medical Service workers through the stands to the first-aid station. She spent only a few minutes being checked before heading back to her seat.

Knoblauch charged Greg Norton’s grounder and made an overhand throw, then turned away in disgust immediately after the ball left his hand. The throw sailed over first baseman Tino Martinez and went a few rows into the seats behind the Yankee dugout. A fan tried to catch the ball with his glove but he missed, and it hit the woman.


Said Keith Olbermann: “Her face is a little puffy and she expects a shiner. Her eyeglasses were broken, as was her confidence in Knoblauch.”