Audette: No Slump Here

According to right wing Donald Audette, he hasn’t been in a scoring slump.

“Me, I know the last time I scored was four games ago,” he said before he was blanked by Carolina Thursday. “So I don’t see that as one goal in eight games. I’ve got 200 goals in 500 games in my career, so I missed some.

“The only thing I can do is look ahead. I’d definitely like to see the puck go in a little more. Sometimes, I could shoot more maybe. But the last eight games, I had six points, so that’s still not shabby.”

King Coach Andy Murray considered taking Audette off his usual line with Glen Murray and Bryan Smolinski in an effort to jolt the trio’s production. Instead, Murray left the line intact and changed the fourth line, substituting Marko Tuomainen for Len Barrie with Bob Corkum and Dan Bylsma.

“I guess I’m the problem if we don’t score,” Audette said. “I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve always produced wherever I went. I can’t control what line I’m on. The only thing I can control is how I play. . . .


“And it’s a different season from last year. I don’t have the same role that I used to. I’m not playing much on the power play. I have one goal on the power play--that’s not me. I’ve got 70 in my career.”

Audette missed 15 games in January and February because of a sprained left ankle and played a few games on the third line when he returned.


General Manager Dave Taylor said much was discussed but little was done during the four-day general managers’ meetings, which ended Thursday. Among the topics discussed were ice conditions, pensions, and implementing the two-referee system in all games next season. “I think for the most part, everybody is satisfied with the officiating and there were no rule changes, to speak of,” he said.

Taylor also said he has no trades in the works. The deadline is March 14.

“I suppose we’re like any other team. If we have an opportunity to improve, we would do that,” he said. “It depends how it affects us short-term and long-term and at what cost.”