Shaq’s Lakers Find Their Nietzsche


I think I know why Shaquille O’Neal is having an MVP year: Phil Jackson gave him a book by 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and in there he talks about “the will to absolute power,” which certainly describes Shaquille’s approach this season. Plus, Nietzsche writes: “Human existence is uncanny.” That might explain the decent foul shooting of late.

Oh, yeah, he also talks about a “Superman,” and Shaq’s already got that tattooed on his shoulder, doesn’t he?


Santa Monica


After watching another game of mediocre NBA basketball, I felt compelled to comment. Looking at Page 9 of The Times sports section on Wednesday, you would think the Lakers-Trail Blazers was Game 7 of the NBA finals.


Both teams had 11-game winning streaks? All that tells me is how ridiculous this league really is. The Lakers had two players in double figures. The Lakers or Celtics of the ‘80s would have destroyed these teams. Michael Cooper was better than any guard on either team and he couldn’t even start for those Lakers.