Loyola Staffers Sue Over Brawl

Five Loyola High assistant football coaches and the school’s athletic trainer have filed a lawsuit against the Fontana Unified School District, charging that Fontana High coaches were negligent in disciplining their players during a 1999 Southern Section playoff game marred by a postgame fight.

Defensive coordinator Greg Wells, offensive line coaches Ric Pedroarias and P.J. Pascale, linebackers coach Drew Casani, running backs coach Mike Gilhooly and trainer Tim Moscicki allege they were injured during the brawl and are seeking undisclosed compensation for general damages and medical expenses.

An arbitration hearing is set for July 19 and each side will present a resolution in Riverside Superior Court Aug. 3. If no resolution is reached, the case could move to trial Sept. 14.

Fontana Unified School District officials declined to comment and the district’s attorney, Robert Granasei, was unavailable Tuesday.

In a formal response filed in November, Granasei denied all charges.


Thirteen Fontana players were suspended, two were expelled and one, running back Anthony Robinson, faced a misdemeanor battery charge as a result of the fight. Robinson pleaded no contest in February 2000 and was put on three years’ probation. The incident also contributed to the resignation of Fontana Coach Bob Stangel Jr.