"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (9 p.m.) may be moving to UPN, but at least it left the WB with a bang, a sensational season finale from creator Joss Whedon in which the Buffed one (Sarah Michelle Gellar) sacrificed her life to save sister Dawn.

Can Tommy win back his ex-girlfriend (Nicole Sullivan) on "Titus" (9 p.m. Fox)? A little thing called a restraining order could hamper his efforts.

Sam and Toby work overtime on "The West Wing" (9 p.m. NBC) to get the president's Supreme Court nominee (Edward James Olmos) out of jail, but he's not making it easy for them.


Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito star in "Living Out Loud" (8 p.m. TNT), a 1998 comedy-drama dealing with loneliness and friendship.

Mary McDonnell stars in "Replacing Dad" (9 p.m. CBS), a 1999 TV movie about a woman whose husband (William Russ) has an affair with her daughter's teacher.


"Hackers: Computer Outlaws" (10 p.m. TLC) includes an interview with Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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