In the Groove

Regarding Steve Baltin's pan of Basement Jaxx's new "Rooty" album, suggesting they try "more heart and less polish" next time--did he even listen to this CD (Record Rack, July 22)?

By citing the CD's most conventional track ("Broken Dreams") as its highlight, Baltin reveals his own lack of ears/booty-quotient. What about the propulsive Gary Numan-cum-Armand Van Helden hooligan chant "Where's Your Head At?" Or the punk/garage breakbeat rave-up "Breakaway"? Or the neo-Prince quirky romp "Crazy Girl"? Or the Selector/ragga/disco pastiche "Romeo"?

Unlike most diluted pop pabulum that passes for "dance music" on American radio, they concoct and crank-up grooves that are dirty, dangerous and sexy all at once, conquering both underground and mainstream worlds, avoiding the sophomore slump, and making us truly one nation under a groove.


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